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Do you have the experience of being a teacher yourself? If yes, then you are probably well known for the daily duties of a teacher. Being a teacher is not an easy job. From taking attendance to checking answer sheets, a teacher has to do it all. However, we can say that it “was difficult”. Class ON, the best School ERP Software, has many simplified processes to deal with these. Get hooked till the end of this article. Know the new revolution of digitalization of schools by Class ON.

Class ON Teacher'sIssue with Attendance:-

Imagine yourself as a teacher of a class with around 40-60 students. The first duty is to take attendance. For that, you have to call out each of the names. It is itself a tiring process. It takes a lot of time too! Further, maintaining discipline during attendance is also a problem. The students take the chance and often start being indisciplined. This is the scenario when you take attendance traditionally with pen and paper.

Class ON, the best School ERP, has brought the feature of online attendance. Online attendance has brought speed to this process. The attendance report becomes available automatically just after the meeting ends! No wastage of time occurs. The parents also receive instant notification about their children’s presence or absence. This helps in keeping the students under control and prevents them from missing classes.


Issue with Online Teaching:-

Teaching was a truly difficult job. It involves controlling living individuals. The COVID pandemic has taught us the way of digitalization. Offline classes often become problematic for several students. Class ON has brought the feature of the online classroom with much more efficient security. No one can enter the meeting without prior permission. It helps to get instant reports of attendance along with the duration just after the meeting ends. Also, Class ON has been successful in setting up strong security making the links secure from external interference.

Online classes are the future. The teachers are helped with the features of online teaching. They feel no difference between online and offline classes. Such is the power of Class ON, the best School ERP. The teachers’ app has been built with extreme research. It has provided classroom-like facilities inside the app! Experience never-before online class experience with Class ON.


Issue with homework and tests:-

Homework is an important part of school. A caring school always gives ample work at home too! It helps the students to understand the concepts. Now, most children try to escape from homework. Class ON, thinking about the future of the growing youth, has built in-built homework systems.


With this feature, the assigned teacher can set tests for the class. Within a few clicks, questions can be set. Also, say bye to checking test papers. Inbuilt correction methods are also provided. Be free from the pressure of checking multiple answer sheets. Instant results and corrections are displayed on the screen for the students.

Class ON app supports sharing of multimedia files. This feature is of great importance as it enables the smooth uploading of homework and tests! Also, Class ON makes anywhere availability of homework and tests. The student can get notified and do the homework even if he is away from his home. This is a revolutionary feature of digitalization by Class ON.

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Issue with online classes:-

During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have understood that it’s digitalization that can keep us connected. Even if we are too far, we can continue with an internet connection.

Online classes are effective if they are conducted in a proper way. Most teachers are not trained to take online classes. They face difficulties in managing the class and giving his/her input.

This problem has been recognized by Class ON, the cloud based ERP. The class has designed the easiest interface to conduct online classes. Neither the teacher nor the Student will face any difficulties. The easy interface helps the teachers to adapt to the new mode of education. Teachers don’t need to mark the attendance anymore as a complete report of attendance is available on its own after the meeting ends. It eases the teachers’ duty.

With this, even if the child is having mild fever or is unable to come to school, the teacher can connect with the Class ON app, the cloud based ERP!


Issue with report making:-

In many schools, teachers are given the responsibility to make reports. It is indeed a tiring task. The traditional way of report making takes lots of effort and is likely to get some errors.

Class ON, the cloud based ERP, has brought the feature to make reports within a few clicks! It helps to save resources (paper), money, and time! The work of a few hours has been brought down to a few clicks. Isn’t it a wonderful feature?

Leave Application and Attendance:-

Teachers often face difficulty in applying for leave in times of emergency. Both for short and long leaves, Class ON has brought the exclusive feature of leave application. Now, the teachers can apply for their leaves in the comfort of their homes. The live status of the leave application is also available in the app itself.

Attendance of teachers also gets marked automatically. Thus, the process of collecting of attendance for the teachers becomes easy too!

Issue with Register of Students:-

It is quite difficult to maintain the register of hundreds of students manually. It is a time-consuming procedure. Class ON, with the help of digitalization, has brought inbuilt features of maintaining registers of students. Now, maintaining registers is a matter of a few minutes. A fully automated process has helped to save lot of resources too.

Along with this, pending fee reports of the students are also available. The teacher is always aware of the fee status of the students and can take the necessary steps when required.


Class ON app, the cloud based ERP, is fully customizable. The teacher can easily use the app according to her own needs. It is built to be the best suited for every teacher. Class ON, the best school ERP, keeps in mind the comfort of the teachers. They are the ones who provide their knowledge.

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Moreover, each and every month, Class ON promises to bring updates. It is the first time that an ERP is providing new features every month with a guarantee! Class ON believes in understanding problems and fixing them accordingly.

Make the best use of the Class ON teachers’ app to improve your teaching techniques. Let’s digitalize and improve the Indian Education System.


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