Are You in Dire Need of the Best ALL-IN-ONE School ERP ?

Are you in dire need of the best ALL-IN-ONE School ERP? If yes, then it’s the right place you landed.

Before talking about the BEST ALL-IN-ONE SCHOOL ERP, we want to briefly introduce the concept of School ERP software. Precisely, it is a School Management System and Mobile App that manages all the school activities thus reducing the load and also increasing the efficiency of work. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the combined management of all the vital processes of a business, in real-time and often with the help of Software and Applications. It is software that manages all the day-to-day activities of a company making the process a hell of a lot easier. The main reason to use this software is to manage the business functions through a centralized system. Isn’t it great an all-in-one digital tool managing all the work?

Class ON School ERPYou heard it right. That’s why ClassON is the Best ALL-IN-ONE SCHOOL ERP.

Let’s discuss some of the features:-

  • Online Admission:-

Nowadays, offline admission is a tedious process. With one click, the students can get admitted to your school. This feature is greatly appreciated by working parents. Parents can write inquiries in the app. These can be directly viewed by the School Management. They can even reply and take the needful actions as per the inquiry made. Entries can be made by the School Management within this app and children can be promoted by the usage of ClassOn.

  • Best live class solution:-

ClassOn allows teachers to schedule the meetings and can take the classes in a hustle-free manner. No outsider can join the meeting. Only authorized students can enter their respective classes. There is absolutely no need to share the class link with the students. They can join directly through the app. Auto attendance is taken by all. No need of taking attendance by calling names. Even the reports of joining time and leaving time of each student are automatically generated by the application. Students can’t share the invite link with anyone else. This prevents any outside from entering. Automatic push alerts are received by every individual who is linked to this app. This reduces the chances of forgetting the schedule by both the students and teachers.

  • Easy to use:-

The user interface is easy to be used. If you compare our software with any other online fee payment software, you will find our app to be the easiest one.

  • Distal homework:-

Our app has the most advanced homework system. It supports the submission of homework by 10 methods! Yes, you read it right. Any form of homework can be submitted be it in PDF, JPG, PNG, Audio or even Video. Students can even submit their homework by drawing in the app where required. Even audio recordings are supported. Gallery photos can also be submitted by direct access through the app. In the form of simple texts too, homework can be submitted.

  • All of the Indian languages are supported in our app be it Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali etc. This is the specialty of our software. Another important feature is that parents can supervise this homework. They can check their student’s activity and their progress directly through the work they submit. Teachers can see homework directly through the app making the process of homework a much more clear and efficient process.
  • Certificate customization:- Any type of certificate can be customized directly through our app. Transfer certificates, bonafide certificates, academic certificates, etc can be directly customized through our app with a few clicks. No advanced knowledge of editing is required. It’s easy to use.
  • Report card generator:- Teachers can customize report cards in any format of ICSE, CBSE or any of the state boards. This feature is a boon.
  • Online Fee Payment:- Helpful for the school management. Also, one of the important characteristics to make ClassON the best Management software. The parents can send money through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI payments, or Net banking. Even a QR code option is also available.

ClassOn helps not only the teachers but also the parents and the school management.

Moreover, our app is present in almost all Indian languages be it Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali or any of the widely spoken Indian languages.

Key Benefits of Teachers:-

  • Check Class Register in 05 Sec.
  • Check Daily Leaves in 20 Sec.
  • Submit Attendance in 30 Sec.
  • Class Test Checking in 50 Sec.
  • Submit Class Result in 50 Sec.
  • Submit Study Material in 60 Sec.

And many more…

Within one minute, teachers can manage all the important tasks.

Key Benefits of School Management:-

  • One-Click Excel & Pdf Reports
  • Check Student/Teachers Records
  • User Role & Mobile App Control
  • Easy Promote and Session System
  • Multi-Branch School Handler
  • Data Import & Export
  • Online Fee Collection
  • Defaulter App Freeze System
  • Fee Reports on Single Click
  • Pending Fee Reminder & Alert
  • Upload Unlimited Gallery & Events
  • Customize Admission Form
  • Super Secure Gate-pass School E-Learning System
  • Automatic Backup System

And many more…

Key Benefits of parents:-

  • Attend Live Classes
  • Apply Leave & Check Attendance
  • Check Daily Homework & Reply
  • Urgent Reminders & Notifications
  • Online Test Summary & Results
  • Van Tracking & Apply Gate-pass
  • Fee Summary & Pay Online Fee
  • Syllabus, Events & Gallery
  • School Activities & Calendar
  • Submit Feedback & Query

All these features help both the teachers and parents to have a good grasp over the booming future of the country, the students. It helps them to shape the futures of the children in a more perfect way.

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Already, these all features make ClassON qualified as one of the Best ALL-IN-ONE SCHOOL ERP.

But why the Best of the Best?

  • Lifetime free updates
  • Fully secured cloud System
  • Eco and user friendly
  • 360 virtual school tour technology

And the most important of all,

It costs less than 0.17 Paisa per day!!!


That’s why ClassOn qualifies with the title of the BEST School Management Software.

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