Centralisation of Reports with ClassON, The Online School ERP

Imagine maintaining reports of 1000s of students, employees, and even the school bus drivers together manually? It is indeed a tiresome job, right?

Reports are one of the main features of a school. The students are expected to work hard for each and every exam for their overall development. In order to judge their capabilities, all the schools issue reports of their progress. A student report is not just a sheet containing marks but also contains some different aspects like attendance percentage, report of the behavior of the student in the class, tips to increase performance, comments regarding the present performance, and many more. Moreover, the reports of employees also play an important role. Reports are important to keep a track of their holidays. It helps them to plan their work and personal life together. It also helps them to judge their work and get to know about how to increase their efficiency.

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School issues a large number of certificates for various purposes. Often they need to maintain records of them.

Now, when it comes to the publication of reports, the work is not for a single student but for all students which may count up to 1000s. Maintaining the reports of each and every student and employee is not at all an easy job to do. A single mistake in any of the reports creates a huge negative impact which affects the image of the school to a large extent. The same is the case with the reports of employees. Creating the reports manually also takes a huge effort and time. Simultaneously, resources are also required which adds up to the overall expenditure of the school.

It is not convenient to maintain Excel files as it too requires previous knowledge of using the application and also is too tiresome a job. Imagine typing thousands of names along with their marks and other aspects. Does not sound good at all! When it comes to the maintenance of reports of transportation, it can not be done manually in real-time.

Presenting the easiest way to maintain reports – ClassON, the best ERP for schools. ClassON is designed specifically for Indian schools. It aims for easing the jobs of school officials and making the process of running schools smooth. It aims for making optimum use of technology for all schools and wants digitalization for the betterment!

The first feature of this Cloud Based ERP is is user-friendly. It can be used by anyone who knows to run a mobile phone. Secondly, it offers centralization of reports!

It means the reports of every single student and employee are present at the  head of the institution and managing committee.

Maintaining records becomes a lot easier with the ClassON app, the best ERP in India. ClassON provides report templates and ensures that a regular user of this app can frame the report of a single student within a few minutes! The transport reports are in real time. They help the parents to track where their children are. With the power of ClassON, the Online School ERP, schools do not need to worry about managing the reports separately. It relieves the schools from maintaining separate files for separate issues, separate l classes, sections, or for different academic years. Such is the power of the centralization capabilities of ClassON. With this Cloud based ERP, officials can have all the reports within one click!

When it comes to maintaining reports for attendance, ClassON, the online school ERP software can do it in the best possible way. ClassON has an inbuilt system for maintaining attendance. At the end of a term, the institution can have the attendance report already ready for each individual student. No need of calculating manually the attendance reports for each student and employee anymore! ClassOn, Easy School ERP takes the responsibility of maintaining it!

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Further, ClassON costs less than the overall resources required. It is cost-friendly as well as cost-effective. This reduces the expenditure of the schools thus maximizing the profit of the schools too!

Apart from this, the most costly aspect, time, is saved. The officials do not need to spend any more hours creating reports. Hours of  work in few clicks, they can manage to build the report of all. ClassON, the Online School ERP, promotes the best utilization of time!

Thus, energy, time, manual labor, and resources- all four aspects are taken care of by ClassON when it comes to the question of creating reports! Let’s modernize the Indian schools, amplify the results and achieve milestones with ClassON, the Best Cloud ERP for Indian Schools!

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