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Is your profession related to school administration?

If yes, then you are well aware of the daily hurdles faced by schools. You may think that it’s a normal deal to work hard. But it’s not. You may have to work hard due to the primitive traditional ways your school is following. Get hooked till the end of the blog to know more about a new, hassle free way of running schools! school ERP software


A full-fledged school has a lot of work to be done.

  • Transportation records
  • Fee payments
  • Attendance records
  • Routine of various classes
  • Student attendance reports
  • Officials and teacher’s attendance reports
  • Parent teacher meeting schedules
  • Certificate making
  • Taking regular tests

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When it comes to a school with a huge number of students, it becomes extremely difficult to manage each of these aspects. This leads to negligence at certain points.

For avoiding all of these issues, the Class ON app has been launched. Class ON, the school ERP software guarantees that the total work needed for all the above mentioned points will be minimized. It further guarantees that schools can complete all the time consuming jobs with few clicks. Thus, the heading of the article stands justified. Hours of work are done in a few clicks with help of Class ON!

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Let’s peek into some more details to understand the work better.

  • Preparing Attendance Reports:-

It’s often difficult to maintain the attendance report of thousands of individuals attached to the school. Class ON, the school ERP software, has developed the system and solved the tiring problem by digitalization. Now, attendance reports can be produced just through a few clicks. Is it not an easy way of doing so? Our clients have been relieved a lot with this feature of Class ON, a cloud based ERP.

  • Easy Fee payment

 You must be familiar with the long lines for the issue of fee payment. It is indeed quite tiring for both the parents and officials. Class ON has brought a solution to this section by enabling online payment facilities. This enables parents to pay their fees directly from their homes with a few clicks on their mobile. This is indeed a time saving change. Nowadays most parents are office workers. This feature helped them be tension free regarding fee payment.

  • Notice publication:-

Often, when the children are unable to attend their classes, they miss all the important circulars that have been announced in the classrooms. It becomes a huge problem for the students in some cases. To fix this problem, Class ON, a Best ERP Software enables providing online circulars. This enables the students to get all the required info directly from their homes. This saves resources for the school too!

No need of printing pages after pages for circulars anymore! A few clicks are enough to deal with this problem with the help of Class ON, the school ERP.

  • Preparing MulptipleReports :- School ERP Software

Imagine making reports of thousands of students individually and that too manually! It is quite a tiring process. Class ON, a cloud based ERP provides customisable report making facilities. It enables making the reports of all the students with few clicks. This saves a huge deal of time. It also saves a lot of resources. This further also puts a cut on the amount of labor required for this process. It even helps in making the process error less by digitalization!

  • Maintaining Complicated Transportation Records:- School ERP Software

Often parents get worried about where their children are at the time of return from their school. Class ON, the management app presents live tracking of the students. This tracking facility is available to both parents and school officials. This helps them to stay updated about the location of the student. Such is the power of digitalization by Class ON. With Class ON, the management app, live tracking of students is only a few clicks away!

  • Available in Multiple Languages:-

Are you not comfortable in English?Be tension free. Class ON is there to save your back. India represents unity in diversity. Keeping in mind, Class ON has made the app available in all the main languages of the Indian mainland. This enables all the guardians to easily get access to the app. This further helps the officials too to use the app and get benefitted. Class ON, the school ERP, aims to remove the language barrier.

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Apart from these, routine making, live class solutions, live test results, rankings and many more factors are available in the package of Class ON, The School ERP. It provides an All in one solution for Indian schools that too at an affordable price. It helps with boosting the admission rate too! Adapt to this hassle free system of School administration.

Class ON has provided its service to many well established schools and will continue till every school is digitalized. Click here for best school erp software in India

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