How Can You Transform Your School Into a Smart School with Class ON?

In this blog, we want to focus on ways to convert to a smart school and why it’s better. No intentions of disrespecting the traditional schools have been reflected in the blog!

Schools have been a part of our society for thousands of years. But, are there any significant differences between the present schools and the past ones? If not, then how can we turn the situation around by making the ideal school of the 21st Century? To know the answers, stay tuned till the end!

Traditional schools are good but not the best. Living in the era of digitalization, we cannot expect the schools to be kind of “pathshalas” of the past. Times are changed, and situations are changed. Hundreds of competitive exams are available for the assessment of the students. It’s absolutely necessary for the schools to take the required actions so that the students can crack them.

But a lot of the authorities’ attention is drawn by the surrounding activities of a school. From transportation facilities to payment of fees, the school authorities are busy to frame these actions in an easy way. This in turn reduces the attention towards improving the education system.

Here is where a smart school gets ahead of traditional schools.

A smart school can easily manage its activities through digitalization. Digitalization is the future of every institution. The sooner done, the better it is!

Let’s quickly get through how digitalization can benefit our schools!

  • Online Attendance facilities
  • Online Homework for Students
  • Online Live Classes
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Online Test & Results
  • Online Transportation Tracking
  • Easy Fees EMI (Zero Interest EMI)
  • Online Report Card Creator
  • Online Circulars
  • Online Late fees Notification Reminders
  • Online Interaction with Teachers
  • Manage All Records
  • Single Click Every Report

And many more!

As you can notice, most of these tasks become hectic and tiring when done in the traditional offline ways! It requires the involvement of the school officials including even the teachers. What if all of these could be done in a single click? What if the school authorities need not worry much about these any more? Isn’t it a true example of modernisation? We can definitely call such a school a digitalised school, a SMART school!

Now, the question arises, how we can make all these possible? It isn’t possible for all schools to develop these systems alone. Here is where Class ON, a cloud ERP School Software, comes in use!

Let’s briefly talk about Class ON, an Indian ERP, a little.

Class ON is the BEST Indian School ERP provider. It provides the best module for running a school smartly and efficiently! Class ON has been facilitated with the following awards:-

  • Excellent Work Award, 2012
  • Youth Icon Award, 2015
  • Best Website Award, 2017
  • Award of Honour 2018
  • Innovation in Education Technology Award 2019
  • Google Digital Marketing Certification 2020
  • Shiksha Ratan Award 2021
  • Digital Edupreneur Award 2022
  • FAP National Award 2022

And many more…

Class ON provides a low priced highly beneficial ERP. You are provided with an integrated application. This application can run on your mobiles. The benefits of the Class ON app are the Indian Language and an Easy User-Friendly Interface. These enable any of the users to freely use the app with no problems.

The best part about the Class ON App is the facility for integration and customisation. You can easily connect with all the officials of the schools and keep a track of the activities taking place. It also provides full authority for customisation according to the demands of the schools.

Already, 350+ schools in 18+ States have joined hands with Class ON, the best School ERP Software & App, and are enjoying the benefits of a smart school. They say that this enables them to focus more on improving educational infrastructure. The reflection of this can be seen in their results of competitive exams.

Moreover, Class ON provided the best customer service portal. We are so sure about our customer care services that we are ready to give a one-month extension if our team fails to solve the reported problems within 24 working hours from the time of reporting.

For more information regarding the same, visit our website or call us at +91 90237 90237.

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