How to Automate School Process

As the world is moving towards automation and digitisation, it is time that we start automating school processes. With the advent of School ERP software, school automation has become much more accessible and efficient. This blog will discuss how to automate school processes using School ERP software for the “Class ON App”.

What is School Automation Software?

School automation software is a type of software that streamlines all the processes of a school, such as attendance management, fee management, timetable management, library management, etc. School automation software makes it easy for schools to manage all their processes through a single platform and helps reduce the staff’s workload. Click here for best school software

How to Automate School Processes using School ERP software for the “Class ON App”?

Class ON App is a comprehensive School ERP software that can help you automate all your school processes. Here are some steps that you can follow to automate your school processes using Class ON App:

Centralise all Data

Centralising all the data is the initial step towards automating school processes. It involves gathering all the data related to students, teachers, attendance, fee, timetable, and other essential information and storing it in a centralised location accessible to all stakeholders. This ensures all stakeholders have easy access to the information they need, enabling them to make informed decisions. It also eliminates duplication or errors, as the data is consistent and up-to-date. Centralising data is crucial for the success of any school automation software, as it provides a foundation for the efficient management of school processes.

Manage Attendance

Attendance management is crucial in ensuring that students attend classes regularly, and it is a time-consuming task for teachers. However, using biometric devices or RFID cards, the Class ON App can automate attendance management. This automation eliminates manual attendance tracking, ensuring that attendance records are accurate and reliable. Automating attendance management also saves a lot of time for teachers, who can focus on delivering quality education. With Class ON App’s attendance management system, schools can quickly and easily monitor student attendance, identify absenteeism, and notify parents of their child’s attendance status, promoting greater accountability and engagement.

Fee Management

Fee management is an essential process in any school, but it can be a tedious task that takes up a lot of time for the accounts department. However, with Class ON App, fee management can be automated by generating fee invoices, collecting fees online, and generating fee receipts. This automation streamlines the fee management process, making it more efficient and convenient for the school and the parents. The automated process also reduces the workload of the accounts department, freeing up their time to focus on other essential tasks. With Class ON App’s fee management system, schools can improve their financial management, reduce errors, and provide a more seamless experience for parents.

Timetable Management

Managing timetables can be a tedious task for teachers and school administrators. However, with Class ON App, timetable management can be automated by creating timetables online, assigning teachers and students to different classes and subjects, and efficiently managing any changes to the timetable. This automation saves time and effort for teachers and administrators, who can focus on delivering quality education and managing other essential tasks. With Class ON App’s timetable management system, schools can create personalised timetables for each class, optimise classroom usage, and manage substitute teachers, making managing timetables more efficient and convenient.

Library Management

Library management is a vital aspect of any school’s educational infrastructure. Class ON App provides a library management system that automates managing the library inventory, issuing books to students and teachers, and generating reports on book circulation. With this automation, librarians can save time and manage library resources more effectively, ensuring students can access the books they need to support their learning. The library management system also generates reports providing insight into book usage, helping schools make informed decisions on purchasing and retiring new books.

Exam Management

Exam management is crucial to any school’s academic system but can be complex and time-consuming for teachers and administrators. With Class ON App, exam management can be automated by creating exam schedules, generating hall tickets, and managing exam results. This automation streamlines the exam management process, making it more efficient and convenient for teachers and administrators. By automating exam management, Class ON App saves time and effort for teachers and administrators, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring that exams are conducted smoothly and effectively.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Effective parent-teacher communication is essential for promoting student success and growth. Class ON App provides a system for automating parent-teacher communication by sending out newsletters, circulars, and progress reports to parents through the app. This automation allows schools to send regular updates to parents, informing them about their child’s academic progress, school events, and any important announcements. By automating the parent-teacher communication process, Class ON App helps schools build stronger relationships with parents, promote greater parental involvement in their child’s education, and ultimately, contribute to the holistic development of the students. Click here for best school app


School automation software has become necessary today, and Class ON App is one of the best School ERP software available. By following the steps mentioned above, you can automate all your school processes, streamline your school’s operations, and improve the overall efficiency of your school. With the help of School automation software, you can save a lot of time and effort and focus on providing quality education to your students.

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