How to Manage School Admissions and Other Processes Effectively?

Are you a part of a school’s administration? If yes, are you struggling to manage your school efficiently? Well, it’s obvious if you still are following the traditional way of running a school. It’s the 21st century, the century of modernisation. Stay tuned till the end to discover the exciting ways of school administration within clicks!

Schools are often hard to be managed. It’s difficult to provide each and every student individual care and attention. Not only the students are involved. Their parents also need to be attended by the school officials. It’s necessary to serve their needs too. For a school running on basic traditional lines, it is quite impossible to manage all these together.

Identifying this huge problem, Class ON, the school ERP software, has brought a package of solutions. It is itself an all in one solution. Different problems along with the innovative ways with which Class ON, a cloud based ERP, is dealing with them are as follows:-

Advanced Admission Tracking:- Admissions are one of the most tiring part where all the officials face a tough time. With Class ON, the whole process has been simplified a lot.

There are different phases of admission. These includes:-

  • Collecting Leads:- Leads Management is very important. Often, schools find it difficult to manage different leads efficiently. All of these have the potential to be a part of your school if managed properly. Class ON helps in this part by linking all the social media handles. This helps to accumulate all the leads together in one place. This reduces the mess a lot.
  • Admission form:– Often the forms fail to reach the parents within time. This creates a huge loss to the schools. Class ON has allowed forms to be published digitally inside the app. The forms shall bear logo along with schools name, enhancing a branding of the school. Also, the forms can be printed if someone wants an hardcopy of it.
  • Admission receipt:- Class ON has built a detailed machinery to help you creating receipts. Formal receipts with proper branding gets available on Class ON. It’s a matter of few seconds to create one with Class ON.

These processes help schools to make the procedure of Admissions easy!

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Fees Payment:- This is the prime issue that schools often face. Fee recovery is often difficult for the schools. It’s not always possible to remind each and every student manually about their fees. Also, it becomes difficult to manage sudden crowding in the payment section.

For this reason, Class ON, the school ERP Software, has revolutionized the method of fees payment. Class ON helps to deliver reminder notifications on itself to all those whose payment of fees isn’t done.

Also, Class ON, the cloud-based School ERP Software, has brought the feature of EMI with no interest! Now, parents can pay their fees in parts if they are having problems with payments. It is absolutely an easy process.

Class ON, the school Software, maintains the record of fees payment making it easier for the school officials. Being an online process, the management of huge crowds in the school’s office is not an issue anymore!

Parent Teacher Communications:- It’s an important task for the parents to be in touch with the teachers. It helps in receiving regular updates about their child. Now, it’s not always possible for the parents to reach the school offline. Nowadays, it’s quite hard to get a day off. Life is busy for all.

Understanding the importance of this problem, Class ON, the School ERP, has established an online connection between teachers and parents. This has helped many schools to build their impression on the parents!

Report Making:- Imagine writing thousands of details on report cards. It needs a great number of workforce and time to do so. Also, mistakes cannot be completely removed by humans. Machines are highly accurate in this job.

Class ON, the cloud based ERP, has designed the best report making feature. It helps to issue report cards in seconds within a few clicks. A lot of time, energy and resources are saved with this feature. These reasons make this feature to be one of the most demanding ones.

Certificate Making:- The schools have to issue various certificates. Some of them include “Transfer Certificate”, “Character Certificate”, “Certificates of participation”, “Certificates of Award” and many more. All of these require effort and time if created manually. Class ON has brought advanced technologies that allows to customize certificates of all kinds! Now, creating a certificate is just a few clicks away!

Live Student Tracking:- Parents often become tensed where their students are. Students coming through school buses have this issue. The one and only solution to this is live tracking. Get notified about every minute details, starting from bus number to the exact location of the students. Make the parents tension free and boost the security of the students with Class ON, the cloud based ERP.

Online Classroom:- Lockdown has popularized the concept of online classroom. Though many debate about the effectiveness of Online Classrooms, experts regard this as the future if conducted properly. Class ON is able to devise a flawless online platform that helps to conduct online classes. It provides exciting features, some which include no entry to outsiders, online attendance tracking, and many more.

Language Variability:- India is a country of varied languages. Not all are comfortable with English or any single language. Understanding this problem, Class ON, the School ERP, has switched to all major Indian Languages besides English. The easy interface along with familiar languages makes it easy for the schools and parents to operate.

Last but not the least, 24 hours live Bug Fixing Panel is provided by Class ON. We guarantee you to fix your problem within 24 working hours! Also, new updates arrive every month making the platform better step by step!

Already Many of schools have joined hands with Class ON. They have benefitted with this modern ways of Class ON. It’s time to shift to new methods. It’s time to flourish with Class ON! Click here for best school erp software in India

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