How cloud based ERP builds communication, enhancing relations among schools

One of the main features of a reputed school is good communication which exists between the guardians and the school authority. Communication plays an important role in bringing up the reputation of a school. This aspect can be easily dealt with ClassON, the best school ERP in India!

There are various fields where communication plays an important role in daily chores. Communication strengthens the relationship between the various elements of school and the students. It brings the solution of various problems that may arise while running a school!

Cloud based ERP

Let’s get to understand how each of them plays their role in constructing the base of a great school!

best school ERP software in India

First of all, teacher-student communication is the main element. In order to identify the problems of a student, the teacher has to be in communication with him or her. Here is where ClassON, the best school ERP in India, comes to use. ClassON, being a Cloud based ERP system provider, helps teachers frame tests and regular homework sheets. It eases the process of checking how many students are actively participating in the daily tasks provided by the respective teachers. Thus, even if the student does not attend school regularly, the teacher can easily keep a watch on the responses of the student and can focus on providing individual efforts so as to build the student a great foundation. This ease of communication between Students and Teachers is possible only with ClassON, being a Cloud based ERP system, providing Online school ERP.

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Cloud based ERP system-

In schools that have no subscription to our Cloud based school ERP, the parents have to be dependent on the students for any circulars or notices. Many times, the negligence of the students leads to the unawareness of the parents. Problems occur with the students in the age group 6 – 15 years of age.

Not always do the parents remain involved in receiving their child directly from the school. In today’s world, most parents are busy with their jobs. Now, if the student forgets to tell the parent, various consequences have to be faced by the parents. Had it been a system of direct communication between parents and teachers, such faults might not occur even a single time! For this reason, ClassON, being the best school ERP software, presents the “Circulars” section where each and every detail of the newly published circulars remain presented. No more do the parents have to remain to wait for long and can get the circulars directly on their mobile!

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COVID pandemic

During the times of the COVID pandemic, we have understood the real importance of relevant communications. Many schools used WhatsApp as a shelter from the ongoing communication crisis. But, it had a very bad impact on the students. The students were affected due to the ill effects of mobiles. Using our app can prevent the exposure of students to social media.

With the ClassON app, an easy school ERP, let’s take a step forward in easing the process of communication. With an aim to modernize every school in India, the ClassON app, a Cloud based ERP system, looks forward greatly to breaking any communication barrier in schools.

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