School ERP – Driving the Digital Revolutions in Schools

Class On School ERP – Driving the Digital Revolutions in Schools

The years 2020 and 2021 have been really difficult for all businesses and industries in India and across the globe. The education industry is no exception to this. One of the first things to be impacted by the pandemic was educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, etc. The rapid spread of the pandemic and lockdown forced them to shut down and switch over to online. But not all schools were prepared for the pandemic. Day-to-day online functioning was not easy. The majority of the schools in India believed in physical classroom-based education and communication. The pandemic changed everything.

Class ON School ERP

However, in today’s digital and fast-paced world, it is important to respond to changes quickly. This is exactly what the schools did amidst the pandemic. The school ERP made things easy for schools, teachers, parents, and learners too. One such school ERP software that has become quite popular with schools is the Class On App. The Class On App could be accessed from anywhere by parents and teachers without any geographical restrictions. Educational institutions across the country are using ERP solutions like the Class On App to make things easy and convenient for them.

School ERP is also known as School Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

The Class On App is a powerful software used by schools to manage day-to-day activities such as administrative tasks, student attendance management, fees management, library management, student information, homework management, assessments, and several other school activities.

The Class On App is user-friendly, easy, and convenient to use, providing a one-stop solution to schools for everything. Using the Class On App is as easy as using a web-based internet browser. The Class On App used in schools has transformed the way teachers, students, and parents interact with each other. It has made the school system smarter, effective, and more productive.

  • Features of the Class On App

The Class On app is a sophisticated and user-friendly application that empowers school teachers, administrative staff, principals, and stakeholders to manage different school activities.
Here are the different features of the Class On app.

  • Simple user interface
  1. It is possible for schools to add and customize content and various options in the Class On App according to their requirements.
  2. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  3. The simple UI of Class On App ensures ease of use for all the school staff and parents.
  4. It is also easy to integrate with other existing school applications.
  • Easy to learn and implement

Implementation of Class On App is quite easy and hassle-free. The navigation is quite seamless and consistent, allowing users to smoothly move through the various options in the system.

  • Admission management
    1. The process of admission is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for schools and other educational institutions.
    2. By implementing the Class On application, the entire admission process can be streamlined.
    3. Applicants can get valuable information about the admission details like eligibility, date of form submissions, etc. through the Class On App.
    4. The students can fill their application forms online, upload the relevant documents, and make online payments as well.
    5. Applicants can even track the status of their application through the Class On App without the need to physically visit the school.
    6. The school management and principal can keep a count on the number of applicants, and real-time data for the same.
    7. They can also get real-time reports of how many applicants had applied for a particular class this year in comparison to last year.
    8.  The Class On App can also provide the management with daily and weekly MIS reports related to the number of admission inquiries, applications submitted, withdrawals, and fee payments done.
  • Student information

    1. A key module in the Class On App is to maintain student information properly and sequentially.
    2. A detailed profile of every student is maintained with the progress report of the past years as well.
    3. The documents like birth certificates, mark sheets, etc. of every student are directly uploaded in the profile itself, thus reducing the paperwork and lowering the administrative burden on the back office.
    4. Not just this, documents such as transfer certificates, bonafide certificates, leaving certificates, merit certificates, and others can be generated instantly in a few clicks.
    5. The student information module in the Class On App has several credentials like Aadhar card number, contact numbers of parents, address, blood group, etc.
  • Student attendance management

    1. The student attendance module of the Class On App has been able to address the concerns of attendance management day-wise, class-wise.
    2. Teachers waste a lot of time in performing administrative tasks like taking attendance.
    3. The student attendance feature is a blessing for teachers who can save valuable time and focus more on how to make teaching fun and interactive for the learners rather than taking attendance.
    4. The school has a dashboard of attendance in different classes in the school.
    5. There is an option of sending SMS, email, as well as mobile app notification to parents whose child has been absent.
    6. If a student is going to be absent for a number of days, the parent can apply for leave by mentioning the reason for the same.
    7. This way the school management can get a complete view of how many students are attending the school and how many are not.
  • Notifications

    1. The notification option in the Class On App ensures that neither the parents nor the teachers miss out on any important piece of communication.
    2. Whether it is the assignment of homework for a student or any event or activity that is going to happen, parents receive a mobile app notification for the same.
    3. Similarly, if the student submits an assignment or homework, the teacher gets a notification on their mobile application.
    4. Any form of communication can be viewed in real-time by the teachers and parents and can be accessed from anywhere.
    5. Also, the notifications are stored in the Class On App till the academic year ends, so that they can be retrieved whenever required.
    6. Also, the notifications are stored in the Class On App till the academic year ends, so that they can be retrieved whenever required.
  • School homework and assignment

    1. Teachers can assign homework, project, tests, assignments to students depending on the subject they teach.
    2. Whenever a student receives homework or assignment to complete, parents receive a mobile app notification for the same.

The Class On school ERP has 80+ modules, 75+ powerful features, and 30+ school services, specifically designed to cater to the needs of Indian schools. Also, it can function in multiple languages.

  • Benefits of the Class On App

    1. Single point of contact for everything.
    2. Manage records of various institutions with zero errors.
    3. Automation of nearly all school operations.
    4. Present a tech-savvy image of the school.
    5. Increase in student-enrolment ratio.
    6. Managing teachers as per the workload.
    7. Reduces the cost of communication.
    8. Optimal utilization of available resources.
    9. Automation of timetable generation and schedules.
    10. Seamless communication between the school and parents.
  • Benefits for teachers

    1. Automation of administrative tasks like student attendance, generating report cards, creating question banks, etc.
    2. Computerized checking of answer sheets and gradation.
    3. Creation of timetable and schedules in advance.
    4. Effective interaction with parents regarding the progress of their children.
    5. Generation of periodic MIS reports.
    6. More time for concentrating on the students and teaching style.
    7. Better organization and coordination.
    8. Enhanced productivity and efficiency.
    9. Better accuracy and completion of the syllabus in less time.
  • Benefits for parents

    1. Interact with teachers on a regular basis.
    2. Up-to-date information about various school activities.
    3. Real-time insights about the progress and performance of their children.
    4. No communication gap between parents and teachers.
    5. No need to visit schools personally for fee payment, application form filling, collecting report cards, etc.
    6. The attendance record, results, academic performance, timetables, holidays and events, examination schedule, etc. can be obtained right on the tap of a button.

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In today’s tech-savvy and digital world, it is important for schools to embrace the latest tools and technologies. Considering the benefits of Class On app, it is a wise decision for schools and other educational institutions to invest in it.

Be it the school staff, teachers, parents, students, or stakeholders, the Class On App is an indispensable tool for the smooth functioning of the school activities and improvement of education quality. Click here for best school erp software in India

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