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School’s day to day tasks can be hard to be tackled, especially when you are doing it manually. To resolve these issues and save time, ClassOn comes with a feature-rich Automation & school management system software. It provides Accuracy and saves your time, money and energy. It perfectly manages all the school tasks on your behalf.

Inquiry & Form
Academic &
Employee Manager
Attendance & Leaves
Homework & Assignment
Advance Fee
Examination &
Report Cards
& Van Tracking
Certificate Builder
Gallery & Calendar
Variety of
Most Advance
Live Classes
Online Test
Voice and Text
E-Library &
Book List
Polls, Stories
& Pop-ups
Video Content
& Notes
Gatepass &
Visitor Pass
Festival Banner
ID Card
Multi School
Account & Finance
Admit Card
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Our Class On Smart Mobile Apps provide a Holistic Communication Solution between Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, and School.

  • Multi Language App
  • Available on Appstore & Playstore
  • User Friendly and Easy to use
  • Inbuilt PDF, Audio, Doc Reader
  • Multi-Profile Accessibility
  • Smart Login System and Much More
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Parents App

Parents App Replace School Diary & help to Track Children's Progress, Homework, Fees, Attendance, School Activities etc.

Teacher App

Do Classroom Stuff within Minutes, Easy Track of Student Performance, Real-time interaction with parents etc.

Driver App

Live School Van Location Tracking System threw-out Class ON Effortless Driver Mobile App

Admin App

Full School Management & Control, Anytime and Anywhere in Our Exclusive Admin App.

Class On App
Class On is on a Mission to Provide our Customers an Affordable and Top Notch School Services.


User Friendly

We work hard to make User Friendly and Clean Interface in ERP and Mobile Apps.

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Our whole system is Made by Indians for Indians as per the Indian Education System.

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We Respect your Privacy and we want you to feel comfortable using our any services.

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Panacea of your all School Management Problems

One of the most important Decisions in a School is the choice of the best erp software in india and other Related Services at Best Price?
We Completely Understand Your Concern. At Class On school App, We provide Affordable and Reliable school erp system Services to reach all of your objectives.
We are one of the most mature School Services providers in India with 13 years of Market Experience. We work hard to Make our System User-friendly, Time-Efficient, and Error-free.
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We strive for a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to solve your problems within 24 hours.

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We provide elite school management and automation software services for your school to make it a smart place for Learning.

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India’s Top School Management Software

Understanding School ERP Software

Introducing ClassOn, the school automation software that revolutionises the traditional classroom setting. With cutting-edge technology, ClassOn simplifies administrative tasks like attendance taking, grading, and lesson planning, allowing educators to focus on teaching and student engagement. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents. With ClassOn, schools can optimise their performance and provide students with a more personalised learning experience.


  1. Simplifies administrative tasks for educators
  2. User-friendly interface for seamless communication
  3. Optimises school performance
  4. Provides personalised learning experience for students
  5. Revolutionises traditional classroom setting

Empowering Education - School Automation Software

Managing educational institutions can be complex, but the process is simplified with ClassOn, a school management software. The app provides a systematic approach to handling administrative tasks, curriculum planning, and student-teacher communication. ClassOn streamlines operations to increase teachers’ and administrative staff’s efficiency and productivity. The software offers a single-line integrated system to manage all aspects of school administration, from attendance tracking to fee management. With ClassOn, educational institutions can offer a more personalised learning experience for students while reducing the workload of teachers and staff.


  1. Simplifies school administration tasks
  2. Streamlines operations for efficiency
  3. Provides a single-line integrated system
  4. Reduces workload for teachers and staff
  5. Offers a personalised learning experience for students

Key Features of School Management Software

ClassOn, the school automation software, provides access to streamline academic processes anytime, anywhere. The app effectively manages daily administrative activities such as attendance tracking, grading, exam results, employee payroll, fee and account management, and more. With integrated solutions like SMS, mobile apps, biometrics, and online payment gateways, ClassOn is a complete school management software that simplifies the management of educational institutions. The app’s powerful reporting and analysis tools make campus automation easy and paperless, saving time, resources, and costs. With ClassOn, educational institutions can focus on providing a better learning experience for students while leaving administrative tasks to the software.


  1. Streamlines academic processes
  2. Manages daily administrative activities
  3. Integrated solutions for complete school automation
  4. Powerful reporting and analysis tools
  5. Saves time, resources, and costs

Ensuring Safety of Cloud-Based School Management Software

ClassOn school automation software simplifies and automates tedious school management processes without compromising security. The app’s cloud-based architecture ensures automatic backups and a centralised database, eliminating the risk of data loss. With role-based access controls, ClassOn efficiently monitors the entire system, ensuring security and reliability. The app’s range of reliable solutions caters to the needs of learners and educational institutions alike. With ClassOn, educational institutions can focus on providing quality education while leaving administrative tasks to the software.


  1. Simplifies and automates school management processes
  2. The cloud-based architecture ensures automatic backups and a centralised database
  3. Role-based access controls ensure security and reliability
  4. Reliable solutions cater to the needs of learners and educational institutions
  5. Saves time and resources for educational institutions

Efficient School Fee Software Simplifies Fees Management

The school fee software of ClassOn is a powerful tool that simplifies fee management for educational institutions. The app’s user-friendly interface provides seamless fee payment options for parents and ensures that the school receives timely payments. ClassOn’s automatic fee calculation and invoicing features eliminate the need for manual calculations, reducing the workload of administrative staff. The app also generates detailed financial reports for schools to analyse revenue streams and make informed decisions. With ClassOn, educational institutions can focus on providing quality education to students without worrying about the hassle of fee management.


  1. Simplifies school fee management
  2. User-friendly interface for seamless payment options
  3. Automatic fee calculation and invoicing features
  4. Generates detailed financial reports
  5. Reduces workload of administrative staff

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