Top 5 Features That Make Class ON a Modern ERP.

There are many modern ERPs in the present market. Not all can reach the top of the chart. Certain distinguishable features make the ERP stand alone from others. 5 different reasons for which Class ON, a mobile app, is the best School ERP software are as follows:-

Modern ERP

  • Mobile (Cloud based):

The first and the most important feature that a modern ERP should have is mobility. Class ON ERP and mobile apps are cloud based. This means that all the information is present at the tip of the fingers. Be it transportation history, be it fees payment issued, be it about reports, each and every detail of your school remains stored in the cloud drive. This allows you to have them whenever you feel the need. Moreover, it reduces the tiring task of carrying a bunch of files.

The benefit of this feature is huge. It helps the school deal with any issues in a few seconds. This helps the school to improve their service to the student thus creating a good image of the school. This further helps in providing timely service to the students.

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  • Customisable:

Class ON, the best Online school ERP mobile app, is fully customizable. It helps you to set your elements according to the needs of the school. Each and every segment of the ERP is open for customization. Be it changing fees, or be it changing of schedules, every daily work of the schools can be framed according to the needs of the institution. Class ON, being a cloud based ERP, supports this feature. It follows a full customization policy. Not even a single part of the app is rigid and uncustomizable.

This helps the schools to make independent laws according to themselves. ClsssOn, one of the best apps, provides full control to the school authorities to frame their needs and use the app to fulfill them!


  • Regular updates:

It is an age of development. Needs change day by day. At the same pace, the ERP apps should update themselves regularly keeping in mind the needs of the school. But it is not the case in most of the ERP apps available in the market. It leads to the degradation of services of the schools towards its students.

Class ON app, a mobile software, is the first School ERP app that promises new updates each and every month. It regularly analyses the changing needs of the school and frames its apps according to the needs. Class ON, being a cloud Based ERP, helps all the schools to focus on individual problems. Day by day, Class ON promises to develop itself along with the schools. All the schools with whom Class ON is working, they are highly satisfied with this new feature of regular updates. They claim that it helps them to figure out the newly raised problems with the help of digitalization.


  • Comprehensive (all in one):

Imagine handling different files for different classes for different issues! You would need a huge workforce to maintain each of them individually. Otherwise, a single person can not do that alone without mistakes. This is where ERP comes into play. Many ERP does not provide all in one solution as they themselves are not aware of the ongoing problems in the Indian schools. This problem intensifies due to a lack of analysis and research.

Class ON has a separate team for analysis of the recent problems. Class ON individually provides solutions to all problems in a single app. From transportation records, attendance records, online test facilities, and online live classes, to the payment of fees, Class ON provides all one solution. Class ON, being a school ERP, provides the best app to control all the needs of an Indian school. It has been built by primarily focusing on Indian schools. Thus, Class ON is a perfect match for Indian schools as a cloud based Modern ERP.

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  • User friendly:

Not all school officials are digitally aware. They often face difficulties in controlling the applications if it has a difficult interface. The module should be easy to use. Anyone who can use a mobile can easily use the Class ON app. Class ON app is available in all the main Indian Languages along with English.

Class ON apps are planned to be used by all the elements of a school. Keeping in mind the capabilities of all, Class ON provides the easiest all in one solution for controlling the activities of the school.

All these five features are necessary for a Modern ERP to have. These features make an ERP the best fit for Indian schools. Class ON proudly claims that all these features are included in their app. Class ON provides the best Cloud based All in One solution for Indian Schools with the help of these features! Click here for best school app

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