Top 6 Benefits of Class On App ERP System in your school

Class On App is an Industry Leading School ERP Software Provider. We offer Top-Notch School Management Features to tackle all the hurdles of the institute. We work hard to Make our system User-friendly, Time-Efficient, and Error-free. We provide a simple view to access features. Nothing to install, no upgrades, No Hardware! Fully Cloud System Just browse it from your mobile, laptop, or desktop browser.

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  • Reduce Clerical Job by our Class ON App

    By reducing clerical jobs of teachers and employees, we help them to think innovative

  • Decision Making Easier by our Class ON App

    Our advance analytics will make you faster and precise to take any academic or administrative decision

  • Less Paper usage

    It’s a green application. It reduce your printing costs and emphasize communicating through online documentations. Click here for best school app

  • Increase Accountability by our Class ON App

    Here institute can manage job description of all to increase their accountability

  • Advance Analytics by our Class ON App

    We are providing a wide range of analytics. It make you ahead than others

  • No More Gap

    Decreasing gap between teachers, parents and students is one of the core endeavor of us

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