Why schools need online student registration rather than Offline ?

Moving enrollment online provides you flexibility while making the method easier on families.

Schools of all sizes are sensitive to the effects of COVID-19 and related health issues, so student enrollment events can pose an undue risk to families and staff. After the epidemic has finally subsided, overloads such as registration dates can be confusing and lead to the spread of influenza, colds and other preventable illnesses. Manual registration for all accounts is outdated and ineffective. Meeting Your Needs Moving to simpler online registration in today’s remote environment simplifies the process and reduces the burden on families and employees.

Flexible forms allow you to organize and collect information to meet new requirements.
With a high-quality online registration system, data is collected accurately and securely. Assuming you are deciding on the parent’s or student’s handwriting, no error will occur. Class On App provides an accurate, mobile-assisted online form that allows parents to access school registration forms on any device from anywhere.

A simple procedure for Parents.
Class On Enrollment feature ensures parents can complete the entire enrollment or re-enrollment process from their homes. Straight forward and fair process help enabling document uploads right to the online portal.

Cost and time savings by eliminating paper forms.
Online enrollment allows you to free up administrators from excessive data entry, which means they can refocus their time on other critical projects while eliminating unnecessary printing and mailing costs from your budget.

In Short
The online process allows the district to reduce paper waste, improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and time.

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